I am embarking on a new adventure: combining the Weight Watcher program with my current routine of non-processed foods with a Paleo mindset of low carbohydrates. But first… let me take a #selfie, just kidding, let me tell you a little about my journey. 



My mother says that weight is my cross to bear. All things considered, there are worse crosses to bear so I’m really not complaining. I was a heavy as a child then I went to high school and decided not to eat ice cream after I got home from school and start swimming. I think I lost about 50lbs from 2002-2003 with almost no effort. However, I still thought I was fat because I had changed my body but I hadn’t changed my mind set. You can see in this picture in the green bathing suite I am covering my practical flat stomach because I was still unhappy with my weight.



In high school I was happy as you can see from the picture…..

and then came college, the problems and the pounds. Well the first few months of college were not too bad and then stuff really hit the fan. I used food to cope with feelings. 



The finally straw was when I saw this picture of me (the blue) that one of my best friend Chelsea and I had taken while in San Francisco.

I was mortified and decided to change I started Weight Watcher and from 2011-2013 I lost about 30 lbs. This was successful for me because there was no criticism involved, only support at my own pace and no restrictions.  


2011 & 2013


Since 2013 my weight has stayed about the same because I stopped doing Weight Watcher so I could learn about clean eating and feeling good about the food I put in my body. The more research I did the more I began to question Weight Watcher emphases on their micro-nutrients. For example, a chemical filled pudding might be 2 Points but Homemade Chocolate Avocado Pudding would be 6 points because of the high fat content of avocados. Healthy fat, I realized there was so much more than calories, carbohydrates and fat that I needed to explore for myself. 





Recently, I have been eating mostly Paleo. I decided to see if I would be able to combine Weight Watchers and Paleo so that I could have the structure for the weight loss while still eating cleanMy weight journey is a huge part of my self care so thank you for taking the time to share it with me!

Happy selfcare!


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